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MY PLAN contains the listing of the learning assets that you and your manager (or training administrator) have assigned to you for completion. You can use it to address specific development goals and to keep track of assets that you frequently access. When your manager adds a learning asset to your MY PLAN, you are automatically notified by email.

Example of My Plan

View Learning Assets

You can view the learning assets in MY PLAN in the following ways:

  • In a folder structure: Groups the assets into the following top-level folders:
    • Assigned: Contains the learning assets that have been assigned to you by your manager. This folder is not shown if it is empty, and you cannot modify its contents. The assets are always listed in the order they were assigned.
    • Personal: Contains the learning assets that you have assigned to yourself. This folder is always shown. You can modify the contents of this folder by creating custom subfolders, moving assets into different subfolders, reordering assets, and deleting assets (see Managing Your Learning Assets).
    • Evaluations: Contains evaluations that you can complete for learning assets. After you complete an asset that has an associated evaluation, the evaluation is added to this folder. If the evaluation is not required, you can remove it manually. This folder is not shown if it is empty.
    • Development Plan: Contains learning assets that are both assigned to you and that you have assigned to yourself. Prior to working within the Development Plan folder, the plan must be approved by your approval manager. This folder appears even if it is empty, and you can modify its contents.
  • By due date: Groups the assets according to whether or not they have due dates. The assets with due dates are displayed in a flat list, with the asset with the earliest due date listed first. Note that this view can take some time to render if you have a large number of assets in MY PLAN. Also note that this option is not available if your site is not configured to use due dates in MY PLAN.
  • By category: Groups the assets by type, for example, courses, books, projects, and so on.

In This Chapter

Important Information About MY PLAN


Managing Your MY PLAN Assets

Create or Remove a Folder

Reorder Assets and Folders

Change a Due Date or Reminder

Managing Your Development Plan Folder