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Important Information About MY PLAN

As you review the learning assets in your plan, be aware of the following:

  • Assets remain in your MY PLAN until you manually remove them. You cannot remove an asset that your manager assigned to you, unless that asset is a Book or Book section.
  • The same asset can appear multiple times in a view. This can happen for several reasons. For example, you may have added the same asset to two different personal folders, both you and your manager may have added it to your MY PLAN, or it appears in different catalog folders that have been added to your MY PLAN. As another example, if you are enrolled in a learning program or Live Learning course both individually and as a group, the learning asset can appear twice in your MY PLAN: once as a personal asset, and a second time as an asset assigned by your manager
  • When a catalog folder is added to MY PLAN and a due date for the folder is specified, all child folders and assets "inherit" and use that due date in the Due Date view and Category view. If the catalog folder does not have a due date but it is added to a custom folder that does, the custom folder's due date is inherited instead. If both the catalog folder and the custom folder have due dates, the catalog folder's due date is inherited, not the custom folder's. Inherited due dates can help you to distinguish between multiple instances of the same asset in the Due Date view and Category view; inherited due dates are not shown in the Folder view.
  • After you complete a recurring asset, it is identified as completed in MY PROGRESS (because you have completed it once). However, it also remains in MY PLAN, and its due date is reset according to how its recurrence is specified. Recurring assets are often used by organizations that require you to repeat training at specified intervals in order to maintain certifications. (For more information, see Recurring Assets and Add a Learning Asset to MY PLAN.)
  • When all the assets contained within a folder assignment in MY PLAN have been completed, the folder itself is not considered as complete. Therefore, the folder will continue to display as Overdue in reports.