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Understanding Charts

The My Dashboard window displays reports in chart form. There are several default charts included. The Dashboard can display two charts simultaneously, and you can replace the default charts with any existing chart template.

Personal chart templates can be created from the default templates, and you can share the personal charts with other users in your organization.

In the Templates tab, an Chart Displayed Icon icon indicates which charts are currently displayed on the dashboard.

Each time My Dashboard is accessed, the charts auto-refresh to display the latest data available based on the most recent database refresh which occurs automatically.

Note: It is Skillsoft’s commitment to ensure that customer reporting data is updated within 24 hours. In general, database refreshes (ETL’s) run several times a day.

Enhanced Reporting My Dashboard Tab

Stacked Bar Charts, such as the User Login Activity chart shown above, include a key for each activity reported on in the results. You can also hover over the chart results to see the exact number.

In the My Dashboard window you can: