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View Learning Assets in MY PROGRESS

MY PROGRESS contains the listing of your assets that are In Progress, Completed, and, if your site has Development Plans or ILT enabled, Not Started. You can sort these lists by clicking the column header you want to sort by.

Note: If your site has been configured to support it, the tabs in MY PROGRESS also display additional columns for Expected Duration and Actual Duration. Refer to MY PROGRESS for more information.

To view assets in MY PROGRESS

  1. Click MY PROGRESS on the navigation panel on the left. The In Progress tab appears by default.

    In-progress assets are learning assets you've started, but have yet to complete.

  2. Click the Completed tab to view a list of the assets you have completed.
  3. Click the Not Started tab (if available) to view a list of the assets in your MY PLAN that you haven't begun.