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Create an Assignment Group

While only company administrators can create assignment groups, your site may be configured to allow administrators with other Skillport roles to copy users into them (see Working with Assignment Groups).

To create an assignment group

  1. Click Users & Groups > New Group on the navigation bar.

    The New Group dialog box displays.

  2. Enter the information for the new group. Be sure to select Assignment in Group Type. For help with this step, see Create a Group Manually.

    Note: If Assignment is not an option in Group Type, verify that your Skillsoft representative has enabled the feature. In addition, note that users cannot add themselves to assignment groups during self-registration. As a result, once you select Assignment in Group Type, the Display on Registration Page check box is disabled.

  3. Click Save.

    You cannot create a user within an assignment group or move a user to an assignment group. However, you can copy existing users to assignment groups; the users must already exist and must remain members of an organizational group. You can copy users to multiple assignment groups.

  4. Populate the new assignment group with users by copying existing users into the new group. For information on how to copy users into a group, see Modify the Members of a Group.