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Assign the inGenius Community Administrator

Note: To access this page, you must log in with Company Admin or Super Admin credentials, or as an admin with inGenius Settings custom privileges. To set up an inGenius community, you must be a Company Admin or Super Admin; for more information, see Features for Super Administrators. For more information about user roles, see User Privileges by Role.

To assign the inGenius Community Administrator

  1. Click the Admin link at the top right of the page.
  2. On the SkillPort Admin page, click the Configuration tab.
  3. Hover your mouse over Features.
  4. Click inGenius. The inGenius Settings page displays.

  5. If the community is not yet enabled, select yes from the Enable inGenius drop-down list.

    Note: This is only available if there is an inGenius community set up and configured. If an inGenius community is not yet configured, contact your SkillSoft representative for setup.

  6. Choose a user to act as the community Administrator:
    • Use the search
    • Use the list of users

      Note: In order to be a community Administrator, the user must be a Manager or above in SkillPort.

  7. Click Submit. The user is now assigned to be the community's Administrator.

Remove a User from the Community Administrator Role

  1. Access the inGenius Settings page.
  2. In the User as inGenius Community Administrator section, click the user's name to select it.
  3. Click Remove.
  4. Click Submit. The user is no longer assigned as a community Administrator, and cannot access any of the community Administrator features.