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Modify Chart Activity Dates

Functionality of the chart activity dates is similar to the activity dates in report templates, except for the addition of the Display Units control. This control determines the type of units used to display data on the chart. It also affects the length of time that can be set in the Previous and From/To dates.

Chart Dates

The activity dates and the display units work together to produce the chart output. The Previous and From/To options determine the start and end dates for the data returned. The Display Units determine the type of data that displays on a chart, such as days or weeks, as highlighted in the image below.

Chart Display Units

There are limitations on the maximum number of units that can be displayed for each unit type. This effects the length of time that can be included in the chart output. The maximum values for each display unit are:

  • 16 days
  • 16 weeks
  • 12 months
  • 12 quarters
  • 4 years

The time interval in the Previous option does not have to match the time interval selected in the display units. In other words, it is acceptable to select 'Weeks' for the Previous time interval and 'Days' for the Display Units, or any other combination. However, the time frame selected in the Previous option, or the dates entered into the From/To options, cannot exceed a length of time that would cause the display units to exceed these maximum values.

For instance, in the example pictured below, a time frame of 3 weeks exceeds 16 days for display units. To correct the error, you can change the number of weeks to 2 (which would result in only 14 days of data), or you can change the Previous option to 16 Day(s).

Chart Dates Error

When you click the Preview, Save, or Save Result button, if your dates have exceeded the maximum display units, a message displays with information about the acceptable values.

To modify chart activity dates

  1. In the chart template window locate the Activity Dates controls.
  2. Select either the Previous or From/To option.

    Note: Use the Previous option to ensure the data is continually updated each time you access the My Dashboard tab. For more information on how to use the Previous and From/To date options see the section Select Date Ranges.

  3. Select a Display Unit.

The effect that Display Units have on the chart output is defined below:

  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Quarters
  • Years