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Find a Group

You can quickly search for a group that you need to view or modify.

To find a group

  1. Click Users & Groups > User Management on the navigation bar.

    The User Management page displays.

    Left pane of the User and Group administration interface

  2. To perform a basic search:
    1. In Search, select Group.
    2. Enter a group name or org code.

      You can also use an asterisk (*) as a wild card that represents one or more characters.

    3. Click Search. Groups matching your search criteria display on the Search Results tab.
  3. To perform an advanced search:
    1. Click Advanced Search.
    2. Specify your search criteria.
    3. Click Search.

    The results display on the Search Results tab in the left pane. To find the group's location in the group hierarchy, click the corresponding Org Code link.

    Search results for a group search