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Advanced Groups

An advanced group Advanced Group icon is a special class of user group that has different site settings from its parent company. Administrators can enable certain add-ons and different web site color schemes for each advanced group, while maintaining reporting capabilities for their entire company.

Note: The maximum number of advanced groups supported on a site is 100.

When creating advanced groups, remember the following:

  • Use advanced groups sparingly. Too many advanced groups will make it hard for you to keep track of the different settings for each group.
  • Advanced groups have their own settings and are not affected by changes to company settings. However, note that some settings are company-only and cannot be changed at the advanced group level.
  • You must create advanced groups directly under the All Users level of the company hierarchy.
  • An advanced group cannot be a member of another group.
  • If you create advanced groups and then install an add-on module, such as Books24x7 or Ask My Mentor, to your company, you need to enable the add-on module in the Configuration menu.
  • A user may belong to only one advanced group, although they can belong to more than one standard group.


Your organization may have three separate divisions: sales, production, and administration. You may want to enable the Books24x7 add-on module for just two of those divisions, and the Ask My Mentor add-on module for the third. You may also want to use different color schemes for each division's implementation of the site.

You could achieve this by creating three separate Skillport sites, but this would not allow you to run reports across your entire organization. By creating an advanced group for each division, you can treat each advanced group as its own entity while retaining the capability to run reports on all of them.

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