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Create an Advanced Group
  • Users with a Company Administrator role can create advanced groups. They can also edit settings for the parent company and for any advanced groups.
  • Users with an Administrator role who belong to an advanced group cannot create advanced groups, but they can edit company settings and those for the advanced group to which they belong. Users with an Administrator role who do not belong to an advanced group can edit company settings, but they cannot edit advanced group settings.

Note: To create an advanced group, the max_advanced_groups SKP parameter must be set to 1 or greater by a super administrator.

To create an advanced group

  1. Click Users & Groups > New Group on the navigation bar.
  2. In the New Group window, enter the information for the new group. You must select Advanced as the Group Type. For help with this step, see Create a Group Manually.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Make the advanced group that you just created the active advanced group. For help with this step, see Select an Advanced Group to Administer.
  5. Change the settings of the advanced group. Note that some settings can only be changed by a Super Administrator or Company Administrator.

    For information on the specific settings that you can configure for an advanced group, see Settings Configurable for Advanced Groups. Your access to the various administrative functions depends on your user privileges.

    Note: As you modify settings for an advanced group, other sitewide settings are available to you, such as Completion Criteria or Login Text Customizations. If you modify a sitewide setting, you do so for the entire Skillport site (company), not just the currently-selected advanced group.