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Share an Asset with Others

You can obtain the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for directly accessing a learning asset's summary page. This allows you to copy it, and then paste it into an email, instant message, document, or web page in order to share it with others.

When a user subsequently clicks on the asset's URL, the user will be prompted to log in to Skillport before being taken directly to the asset's summary page. If the user does not have permission to view the asset, an error message is displayed instead.

Note: Depending on the configuration of your Skillport site, this feature is:
- Available to all users (including end users)
- Available only to administrators and managers
- Not available

To share an asset with others

  1. Display the asset's summary page from anywhere in Skillport.

    Asset summary page showing Share link

  2. Click the Share link at the top.

    Note: While the Share link is available for a Live Learning course, it is not available for the assets embedded within it, such as an Expert Live session, a pre-test, or a lab.

    The Share dialog box appears, which provides two types of link information for directly accessing the asset's summary page.

    Share dialog in which to retrieve the URL or embed tag for direct access to an asset

  3. You can do either or both of the following:
    • Copy the URL in the URL field, and paste it into an email, instant message, or document.
    • Copy the HTML tag in the Embed field, and paste it into a web page. This HTML tag launches a new window in which to access the asset's summary page.
  4. If you want to send an email that contains the asset's information (title, ID, and URL), do the following:
    1. Click Send Email.

      A new message in your default email application is created.

    2. Complete the message as desired and send it as usual.

      When a recipient clicks the URL in the email, he or she will be required to log in to Skillport before the asset's summary page is displayed.

  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.