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Apply Additional Filter Options

The Filter Options tab includes a variety of filters for customizing the data returned in results.

To access the additional filters

  1. From the menu click Templates.
  2. Select the desired template.
  3. Click Edit. The Template window displays.
  4. Click the Filter Options tab.
  5. If necessary click the Filter Options drop down.

Filter Options

The Filter Options tab can include the following sections:

  1. Event Filter Options - The Event Filter Options, labeled 'Filter On' in the above image, allow you to select one event and then select a date range for that specific event. See Apply Event Filter Options for more information.
  2. Custom Filters - The Custom filters are comparison filters that can be used together or individually. See below for information on using these filters. See Apply Custom Filters for more information.
  3. User Profile Filters - The User Profile filters allow you to filter data based on the values available in your organization's user profile settings. See Apply User Profile Filters for more information.
  4. Additional Filters - A variety of filters can display in the additional filters section. These filters are typically asset or user related, depending on the type of template selected, and can include the following:
    • Completion Status - Filters data based on the user's status for assets that are completable. Available values differ based on the report type. For multi-select options, you cannot select Any if other values are also selected.
    • Credential - filters data based on a Credential.
    • Exception Condition - Filters data based on exception conditions. Select None, Completion not Achieved, or Exceeded Due Date.
    • Participation - Filters data based on whether or not the user has participated in any SkillPort content. Select Both, Participated, or Not Participated.
    • Only Show Assignments Exceeding Due Date - Filters data based on the assigned due date.
    • Development Plan Status - Filters data based on one or more Development Plan statuses Select Approved, Not Approved, Pending Approval, Denied.
    • Login Type - Filters data by user login type, ie: SkillPort, Books24x7, etc.

Note: The screen shot above is an example of filter types included on the Filter Options tab. Not all filters are included in every template.