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User and Admin Privileges

User and Administrator privileges impact Reporting in two ways:

  • by controlling which groups and users are visible in the Group/ User filter
  • by controlling the report results returned in terms of student activity

Groups Visibility

The display of groups within the Group/Users filter is controlled by the User/Group Filter Scoping option in the Skillport Administrator UI.

User Group Filter Scoping

When this option is enabled (checked), the standard Skillport user privileges apply. Visibility of groups and users is controlled by the user's role. For more information see User Privileges by Role.

When this option is disabled (unchecked), users have greater visibility of the company’s group (organizational) structure within the Group/Users filter. The following rules apply:

  • Company Administrator - Can see all Groups (including Assignment and Advanced Groups), and All users
  • Administrator – Can see all Groups (including Assignment Groups) and users within their organizational scope.
  • Manager – Can see all Groups (including Assignment Groups) and users within their organizational scope.

Report Results

The User/Group Filter Scoping option has no affect on the results returned for student activity. Results are always controlled by the standard Skillport reporting privileges. Report results will include only data for those students a user has permission to view.

In other words, it is possible to see particular users in the Group/Users filter, but still not be able to see data for those users. Running a report with only these users selected can cause an empty result set.

Note: Only Super Administrators can change the scoping rules. As with all User / Group modifications, changes made to this setting will not take effect until after the next database refresh.

About inGenius Reports

When running an inGenius report, Community Administrators can only see results for their communities. Company Administrators can see results for all inGenius communities.