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Enroll Users or Groups

When you enroll users or groups in a learning program or Live Learning course (LLC), keep in mind the following:

  • You can enroll a user both individually and by enrolling a group in which she is a member. These enrollments are treated independently; that is, if later you withdraw one enrollment, the other is unaffected.
  • If you remove a user from a group, the user is automatically withdrawn from a group enrollment as long as she has not completed the learning program or LLC. (The completion data for all users who have completed learning programs or LLCs always remains in the system.)
  • If you enroll a group, and later you add more users or more subgroups to the group, the newly added users or subgroups are automatically enrolled as well.

    The exception is if you add a new subgroup directly beneath the All Users group. You can enroll the All Users group in order to enroll all of your users in a specific program or course. However, if you later add a new subgroup to the All Users group, you must explicitly enroll the new subgroup (or withdraw the All Users group and enroll it again). Note that the All Users group is not displayed if you are not an administrator with a Company Administrator role.

  • Enrolling in a learning program or LLC (or a learner's request to enroll) is considered the first step of starting the program or course; as a result, these assets are automatically shown in a learner's My Progress once you enroll him or her.
  • If a learning program is used in a KnowledgeCenter roadmap, learners must be assigned and enrolled in the learning program before they can see it in the KnowledgeCenter. If they are not assigned, they will see an error message. If they are assigned but not enrolled, the learning program will appear empty in the KnowledgeCenter roadmap details page.

You can enroll users or groups in two ways:

To enroll by selecting users or groups

To enroll by selecting the learning program or LLC