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Withdraw Users or Groups

When you withdraw users or groups from a learning program or Live Learning course (LLC), keep in mind the following:

  • A user can be enrolled in a learning program or LLC both individually and due to membership in a group that is enrolled. These enrollments are treated independently; that is, if you withdraw one, the other is unaffected.
  • You cannot withdraw users who have completed the program or course. The completion data for all users who have completed learning programs or LLCs always remains in My Progress for those users (unless you delete the learning program).
  • You cannot withdraw an individual user from a group enrollment.
  • If you remove a user from a group, the user is automatically withdrawn from a group enrollment as long as he or she has not completed the program or course.
  • If your site is configured to use enrollment-related notification emails:
    • When you individually withdraw users from a learning program, the users are automatically sent a notification email.
    • When you withdraw groups, you are prompted to specify whether to send a notification email.

You can withdraw users or groups in two ways:

To withdraw by selecting users or groups

To withdraw by selecting the learning program or LLC