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Search the Catalog

To search the Catalog

  1. Click Content | Catalog on the navigation bar.

    The Catalog Manager appears, which displays all installed, activated content.


    The Catalog Manager is divided into two resizable panes. You use the left pane to browse the Catalog in its current state or to browse the results of a search; for convenience, you can also use this pane to quickly rename or remove custom folders. You use the right pane to edit the contents of a folder, that is, to add or remove learning assets; to create, rename, remove, or reorganize the contents a folder; or to create, edit, or delete an external learning object (ELO).

  2. At the top of the page, enter your search criteria, and click Search.

    Note: For detailed information on the search tool, including tips on creating search expressions, see Search for Assets and Folders.

    Both the folders and assets that meet the criteria that you specified are displayed on the Search Results tab in the left pane, as shown below in an example search for the term "java".


  3. From this point you can do the following:
    • Click a category link at the top of the results to filter the search results to show only that type of asset.
    • To view more search results for a given category, click the View More link (shown above) for that category. Note that, depending on the number of items returned and how the search settings for your site are configured, there may be multiple pages of search results.
    • To view more information about an asset, move your mouse over the asset title, and then click the Show Details link that appears.

      Catalog Manager page showing Show Details link for an asset in search results

      If you want to identify the location of the asset in the Catalog, you can then click View in Catalog (shown below); this returns you to the Browse Catalog tab with the Catalog opened to the location of the asset (and with the asset selected so you can easily add it to a folder in the Edit Contents pane using drag-and-drop).

      Catalog Manager page showing Hide Details link for an asset in search results

      Note: In the Catalog view, folders whose contents cannot be modified are shown with a locked icon (Catalog folder icon with gray lock to indicate contents cannot be modified).