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Rename a Folder

You can rename a custom folder, but you cannot rename a folder provided with the stock Catalog.

To rename a custom folder

  1. Click Content | Catalog on the navigation bar.

    The Catalog Manager appears.

  2. In the Browse Catalog pane, browse to or search for the custom folder that you want to rename.
  3. Move your mouse over the folder title, and click the Rename link that appears, as shown below.

    Catalog Manager page showing Remove link in Browse Catalog page

    (The Rename link appears beside only folders that you are allowed to rename.)

  4. In the Rename Folder dialog box, enter a name for the folder.

    The folder name can be greater than or equal to 100 characters, and all alphanumeric and special characters that you can enter using the keyboard are permitted except for double-quotes ("") and the backslash (\). In addition, the name must be unique with respect to all other folders in the same location in the Catalog. However, case-sensitivity is considered when determining uniqueness; for example, "Sample Curricula" and "Sample curricula" are considered two unique names.

  5. Click OK.

    Note: After you are done making changes to the Catalog, you must click Exit to exit the Catalog Manager. Clicking Exit updates the Catalog to reflect your changes.