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Copy Folders and Assets into Other Folders

You can copy existing folders and assets into any other folder whose contents can be modified. If a folder's contents cannot be modified, the folder is shown with a locked icon (Catalog folder icon with gray lock to indicate contents cannot be modified). Folders from the stock Skillsoft Catalog are locked.

While you cannot modify the folders in the stock Catalog, you can copy their contents into custom folders, which you can then modify by removing and reorganizing the copies.

Note: If you make a copy of a folder from the stock Skillsoft catalog, the copy will no longer be kept in sync with additions or removals that occur to the stock catalog folder. If new courses are added to or courses are removed from the stock catalog folder, the changes will not be applied to the copy of the folder. Those changes will need to be done manually to the copied folder. Course updates, however, are applied throughout the system, including custom folders.

To copy folders and assets into a folder

  1. Click Content > Library on the navigation bar.

    The Catalog Manager displays.

  2. In the Browse Catalog pane, browse to or search for the folder into which you want to copy one or more folders or assets.
  3. Move your mouse over the folder title, and click the Edit Contents link that appears, as shown below.

    Catalog Manager page showing Edit Contents link in Browse Catalog pane

    (The Edit Contents link appears beside only folders whose contents can be modified.)

    The contents of the Edit Contents pane on the right are now filtered to display only the affected folder.

  4. Still in the Browse Catalog pane, browse to or search for the folders or assets that you want to copy, and then select them.

    Note: To select multiple folders or assets, use Shift-click or Ctrl-click. Also note that you can select a combination of folders and assets, not just one or the other.

  5. Drag the selected folders and assets in the left pane to the desired destination in the Edit Contents pane on the right, and drop them. (If you move your mouse over a collapsed subfolder, it will automatically expand to allow you to drop the assets inside.)

    Alternatively, you can copy the assets by selecting them in the left pane, selecting a single destination folder in the right pane, and then clicking Right-facing green arrow icon displayed on Catalog Manager page for copying folders and assets into different folders.

    The folders and assets are copied to the destination folder.

    Note: After you are done making changes to the Catalog, you must click Exit to exit the Catalog Manager. Clicking Exit updates the Catalog to reflect your changes.