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Remove Content from a Folder

You can remove content from any folder whose contents can be modified. If a folder's contents cannot be modified, the folder is shown with a locked icon (Catalog folder icon with gray lock to indicate contents cannot be modified). Folders from the stock Skillsoft Catalog are locked.

You can remove the following types of content:

  • An instance of an asset from the stock Catalog that you have copied into a custom folder. Removing the copy does not affect the original asset in the stock Catalog.
  • A custom asset in a custom folder. If this is the only instance of the asset in the Catalog, this removes the asset from both the Catalog and the Catalog Manager view. However, it does not permanently delete the asset from your site; the asset remains in an ACTIVE state in the Content Installer. This is the case regardless of how the custom content was initially installed (Content Installer or Skillsoft Publisher). To permanently remove custom content, contact your Skillsoft account team representative for assistance.

To remove content from a folder

  1. Click Content > Catalog on the navigation bar.

    The Catalog Manager displays.

  2. In the Browse Catalog pane, browse to or search for the folder that contains the learning asset that you want to remove.
  3. Move your mouse over the folder title, and click the Edit Contents link that appears, as shown below.

    Catalog Manager page showing Edit Contents link in Browse Catalog pane

    (The Edit Contents link appears beside only folders whose contents can be modified.)

    The contents of the Edit Contents pane on the right are now filtered to display only the affected folder.

  4. Move your mouse over the asset title, and click the Remove link that appears, as shown below.

    Catalog Manager page showing Edit Contents pane with Remove link shown for an asset

  5. Click OK to confirm the removal.

    If this is the only instance of the content in the Catalog, an error message will display explaining that the asset is in only one folder and cannot be removed. If this occurs, you can either contact Skillsoft for assistance in removing the content, or you can create a new folder in the Catalog specifically to store such content that cannot be removed, and move the content there.

    Note: After you are done making changes to the Catalog, you must click Exit to exit the Catalog Manager. Clicking Exit updates the Catalog to reflect your changes.