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Remove a Folder

You can permanently remove a custom folder, but you cannot remove a folder provided with the stock Catalog.

Removing a custom folder from the Catalog also permanently removes all of the child folders and learning assets in the folder. If the folder's contents include custom assets that are not located elsewhere in the Catalog, this permanently removes them from the site. For this reason, before removing a folder, carefully examine its contents and, if necessary, copy any custom assets to a different folder.

To remove a custom folder

  1. Click Content | Catalog on the navigation panel on the left.

    The Catalog Manager appears.

  2. In the Browse Catalog pane, browse to or search for the custom folder that you want to remove.
  3. Move your mouse over the folder title, and click the Remove link that appears, as shown below.

    Catalog Manager page showing Remove link in Browse Catalog pane

    (The Remove link appears beside only folders that you are allowed to remove.)

  4. In the pop-up dialog box, click OK to confirm the removal.

    Note: After you are done making changes to the Catalog, you must click Exit to exit the Catalog Manager. Clicking Exit updates the Catalog to reflect your changes.