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Copy a Learning Program

This topic describes how to create a learning program by copying an existing program and modifying its contents as needed. However, you can also create a learning program from scratch; for more information, see Create a Learning Program.

To copy a learning program

  1. Click Content | Learning Programs on the navigation bar.

    The Manage Learning Programs page appears, which lists all of the custom learning programs that have been created on your site.

  2. Select the learning program that you want to copy, and click Copy at the top of the page.

    Copy Learning Program dialog box

  3. Enter information about the properties of the learning program using the fields provided. Refer to the following table for a description of each field.




    (Required) The name of the learning program.


    Uniquely identifies the learning program in the system. This value can be a maximum of 250 alphanumeric characters, and cannot begin with an underscore. If you do not enter an ID, one is automatically generated.

    Requires Approval to Enroll

    Select this option if learners must request approval from their designated approval managers to enroll in the learning program.

    If you select this option, learners who are not enrolled cannot access the learning assets in the learning program.


    The completion criteria for the root folder in the learning program:

    • Complete all items: Learners must complete all of the items in the folder, but they can do so in any order.
    • Complete all items in order: Learners must complete all of the items in the folder in a specific, forced order. In other words, a learner must complete the first item before the link for the second item becomes active, and so on.
    • Complete any <N> items: Learners must complete a specified number (N) of items in the folder, but they can do so in any order. You must specify the number of items that must be completed.
    • Learning Program is optional and does not have to be completed: Learners do not have to complete any of the items in the root folder, nor do they have to complete any of the items in any child folders. If you select this option, a learner is considered to have completed the learning program as soon as he or she has enrolled.


    Specify the image to display for the learning program:

    • Use standard image: This is the default setting.
    • Use custom image: Click Browse, then navigate to the location of the desired image. The image must be either a .png, .gif, or .jpg file, and can have a maximum size of 1.5MB.


    A description of the contents of the learning program. This value must be 4,000 characters or less.


    The objectives (goals) of the learning program. This value must be 4,000 characters or less.

    Internal Notes

    Any information you want to note for administrators about the learning program. These notes do not display on the learning program summary page that learners can view. This value must be 4,000 characters or less.

    If you can also enter a start date and an end date, see Scoped Learning Programs for more information.

  4. Click Save, and click OK.

    Note: At this point, the learning program is saved, added to the list of custom learning programs on the Manage Learning Programs page, and added as the last asset in the Learning Programs folder in the Catalog. This means that if you have assigned (exposed) the Learning Programs folder to any groups or individual users, the learning program is now accessible to them by browsing the Catalog and using SEARCH&LEARN™.

    The Edit Learning Program page appears. Because you have copied an existing learning program, the new learning program (shown in the right pane) contains all of the assets in the original learning program.

    Edit Learning Program page

  5. Edit the contents of the new learning program as needed. For help with this step, see Edit the Contents of a Learning Program.
  6. Click Save in the lower-right corner of the page, and click Exit.

    At this point, you might want to do the following:

    • Relocate the learning program or copy it into additional catalog folders. To get started with this, select Admin Home in the upper-right corner, and then click Catalogs in the Management submenu. For more information, see Catalogs.
    • Assign the learning program to one or more groups or individual users. To get started with this, select the learning program, and click Manage Enrollments. For more information, see Enroll Users or Groups.