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Navigation Colors

You can select colors for the navigation elements identified in the following image. Refer to the following key for the corresponding settings on the Web Site Colors administration page.

Setting Names on Web Site Colors Page

  1. Navigation Button
  2. Navigation Button Hover
  3. Navigation Button Selected
  4. Navigation Button Text
  5. Shortcut Background
  6. Shortcut Hover
  7. Shortcut Selected
  8. Shortcut Text
  9. Toolbar Text
  10. Toolbar Text Hover (Depending on how your Skillport site has been set up by a super administrator, this color setting can also determine the color of the text on the navigation buttons on mouseover.)
  11. Top Links Welcome Text, Top Links
  12. Top Links Hover

Home page showing color-customizable navigation elements

As you select colors for navigation elements, be aware that the following message appears on the MY PLAN button whenever a learner successfully adds a learning asset to MY PLAN:
My Plan button showing "item added" message
To preserve the visibility of this message, Skillsoft recommends a color other than white or red depending on the colors you are using for items 1 through 4 above.