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Create a New Course

Use this process to create and enter details of a new ILT course.

To create a new course

  1. View Courses.
  2. Click the New Course button. The New Course window displays.

    New Course screen

  3. Fill in the Course Information.
    • Title: Enter the title of the course required. This does not need to be unique.
    • Course ID: Enter the course ID here. All course IDs will begin with ilt_. The Course ID is always unique. Once the course ID is saved, it cannot be changed.
    • Status: Select if the status is activated or not. By default the status is active. Active courses are displayed in the View Courses page. The deactivated courses are displayed in the View Courses page if the 'Show Deactivated' checkbox is selected.
    • Mastery Level (0-100%): Enter the Mastery Level here. This is the percentage score a learner must obtain to complete the course. The Mastery Level field is an optional field and the default value is ‘100’. If you submit the course with a blank value, it is considered as ‘0’.
    • Cost: Enter the cost for the course and select the currency from the drop-down.

      Note: Skillport will not bill a learner, it is just a notification to the learner that the course costs money and they will be billed separately.

    • Language: Select the language for the course from the drop-down. This field has a default selection. For more information, see Multiple Language Support - ILT Emails.
    • Duration: Enter the duration of the course. This is the length of time required to complete a course. This field has a default value.

      Note: There is no correlation or checking of this value with the actual schedule information applied to a session.

    • Description: Enter the description of the course in this field.

      Note: Extended Attributes are displayed if enabled. Classrooms can be added only when the facility is added. For information on adding a facility, refer to Add a Facility to a Course. For information on adding a classroom, refer to Add a Classroom to a Course.

  4. Add Administration Details to a Course.
  5. Click Save & Add Sessions to save the course and navigate to the New Sessions window. Alternatively, click Save & Exit to save the course and return to the Course Manager screen. Cancel dismisses the window without any changes saved and gets back to the main screen in the previous state.

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