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ILT Terms


Skillport is a Learning Management System (LMS) where you can personalize your elearning environment and monitor your progress toward your own learning goals. Reminders can also be e-mailed in order to complete courses and simulations.

You can also link the areas of Skillport which you use most often to the Shortcuts area. These links can be Skillsoft features and any custom pages.


A course is a training activity which addresses a specific topic. A course can consist of: traditional materials presented in a PowerPoint format, a recorded live session delivered by a presenter, simulations which replicate a program or environment so you can practice completing tasks, other multimedia clips that support leaning, test and assessments that verify retention of knowledge, as well as job aids, skill briefs, or other materials to support the learning activities.

ILT Course

Instructor Led Training courses are placeholders to which an ILT Administrator attaches scheduled sessions that a learner can attend at a specific time and place. A learner can select an ILT course from the Catalog and add it to their watch list for sessions that meet their schedule, or they can have it assigned to by their training administrator depending on company policy.


A session is an instance of a course that has been scheduled for a specific date and time and will be held in a facility/classroom or virtually, with an instructor and students.

My Plan

My Plan contains items that are part of your formal learning program. You, your training administrator, or your manager can add ILT courses to your My Plan.