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Instructor Led Training (ILT) enriches and optimizes the learning experience of your students. By extending the Skillport platform with a wide range of ILT functionality, Skillsoft offers you a way to manage instructor-led training sessions.

With ILT, you can manage all the requirements for:

  • In-house or third-party training sessions delivered in a classroom environment by an instructor to students (for example new employee orientation)
  • Online training sessions delivered by an instructor using Skillsoft Dialogue Virtual Classroom or other online collaboration software.

ILT also provides tools for tracking facilities and classrooms, and for scheduling instructor-led training sessions. ILT does not track classroom or facility attributes such as projectors, printers, network connections, or other infrastructure such as availability.

ILT and Advanced Groups

You can create and use advanced groups on your SkillPort site when you are also using ILT. This works as follows:

  • ILT administration: While your ability to access non-ILT pages in SkillPort Administrator depends entirely on your SkillPort role, your ability to access ILT pages depends entirely on your ILT role. On the ILT pages that you can access, neither the tasks that you can perform nor the users on which you can perform them are affected by your or their existence in an advanced group. If you can perform an ILT-related task for users and groups, you can do so for all users and groups on your site, including all advanced groups.
  • Reports
    • ILT Event Journals: Like for other ILT-related pages, your ability to access this page depends entirely on your ILT role, and you can view event journals for all users and groups, including all advanced groups.
    • SkillPort Reporting: SkillPort’s Reporting feature includes a large number of templates that you can use to run reports, including several ILT course and session reports and ILT student roster reports. If you do not have Admin privileges with Reporting capabilities in SkillPort, you will not be able to run these reports. In addition, you will only be able to run reports on groups to which you are a member. Your ILT role has no effect on your privileges in this area. Rather, your SkillPort role and how your site’s User/Group Filter Scoping setting is configured determine the specific users and groups—including advanced groups—that you can select to include in reports. For more information, see User and Admin Privileges.