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ILT Workflow

Workflow for ILT Admin

  1. Configure ILT Site Settings. This enables you to customize ILT default values and actions to meet your organization's needs.
  2. Configure Email Templates. You can determine whether each template is used or not, and whether to customize the text in any/all of the templates.
  3. Configure Extended Attributes. This enables you to set up extended fields or attributes for sessions.
  4. Assign roles to the Skillport users who function as administrators or instructors. If necessary, create these users.
  5. Set up the Resources as follows:
    1. Manually create contacts or batch upload contacts; This is not just for facilities but can be "stand alone" contacts. Examples of contacts are vendors or facility managers who are used in putting on an ILT session.
    2. Manually create facilities or batch upload facilities; Facilities are physical structures where an ILT session can be held, like a conference center or onsite building.
    3. Manually create classrooms or batch upload classrooms; These classrooms are attached to the facility in which they reside.
  6. Create ILT courses. You can create new courses by using the form available. Once the course has been created it is displayed in the grid.
  7. Create ILT sessions for the courses created.
  8. Manage Sessions.
    1. Confirm an ILT Session; By confirming a session, you are saying that the session will take place. There is an option in ILT system settings that allows any new session you create to automatically be marked as confirmed. By keeping this setting off, confirming a session is a manual process.
    2. Enrollments/Roster; This section is inclusive of enrolling and withdrawing learners to the roster for a session.
    3. Close to new enrollment; You can close a session to new enrollment if it is open.
    4. Complete a session; After a session has been held, an administrator or instructor must mark it as complete in order for students to receive credit.
    5. Archive old sessions.
  9. View the ILT Event Journal. Event Journals are ILT-specific reports you can use to see all ILT activity.

Workflow for ILT Instructor

  1. View Sessions I am Teaching.
  2. Choose a specific session with which to work:
    1. Mail All Enrolled and Wait-listed Users (if desired – what to bring to class, location, etc.).
    2. Create Session Sign-in Sheet (if desired).
    3. Enter the Session Results (needed, but can also be done by an admin).
    4. Mark Session as Complete (finalize results - needed, but can also be done by an admin).
    5. Create Session Learner Report (if desired).
  3. Managing Virtual Sessions - If you are conducting an online/virtual classroom session, chose that option, and then specify the criteria such as phone number, passcode, and URL to join the virtual session.