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Access ILT Courses

You have access to ILT courses through:

  • Catalog - You can browse for the required ILT course using the Catalog tab in SkillPort, which displays all the learning resources organized into subject-based curricula.

    Note: You can also have an ILT course assigned to you by your training administrator.

  • SEARCH&LEARN™ - This allows you to directly search for your ILT course by the course name or ID.
  • MY PLAN - My Plan contains the listing of the learning resources which have been assigned to you for completion. You can add any ILT course to My Plan.

    Note: Adding an ILT course to My Plan does not enroll you; you must select a session for the course and enroll in it directly. For more information, see Enroll in ILT Sessions.

    You can only view an ILT course if you have added the course to My Plan.

  • MY PROGRESS - Review both completed and in-progress learning assets in the My Progress area of the SkillPort user interface. Quickly prints reports on your learning history as well as certificates of completion.

The following are the procedures followed to access ILT courses.

To access ILT courses using the Catalog

  1. Click Catalog in the left navigation panel of the SkillPort home page. The Catalog screen appears.
  2. Click the expand icon Expand icon to expand the Instructor Led Training folder.
  3. Select the course from the list. For more information see View Course Details.

    To view scheduled sessions for this course, click the “sessions” link.

To access ILT courses using SEARCH&LEARN™

  1. Enter the ILT course name or ID in the Search for field of the SEARCH&LEARN™ panel, displayed in the SkillPort home page.
  2. In the Category drop menu, select Instructor Led Training.
  3. Select the language required from the Language drop-down list.
  4. Click Search. The search results appear.
  5. Select the course from the list. For more information see View Course Details.