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Activate or Deactivate a Facility

You can activate or deactivate a facility by following the steps given below. Alternatively you can also switch to the 'Activated' or 'Deactivated' radio button while in the Edit Facility window and save your changes.

Note: Activating a facility does not activate classrooms attached to that facility. Classrooms have to be activated explicitly. Deactivating a facility results in deactivating all the classrooms.

To activate or deactivate a facility

  1. In Skillport Administrator, click Content > ILT > Resource Manager.

    The Resource Management page displays.

  2. Display the details of a required facility.
  3. Click Deactivate in the Info pane. The Resource pane will refresh and the deactivated facility does not display in the Resource pane.

    Note: The deactivated facilities will only appear in the Resource pane, if the Show Deactivated check box is selected.

  4. Make the required changes and click Save.