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Enroll Learners in a Session

An Instructor must be assigned to the specific session to enroll learners into that session.

To enroll learners in a session

  1. Click Content > ILT > Course and Session Manager.
  2. Click the Session Manager tab.
  3. Click the Session ID you wish to view.

    The View Session window displays.

  4. Click Manage Enrollments.

    The session's enrollment screen displays:


  5. Find the learner or group you wish to assign to the session.

    The Search Bar is available on top of the screen, allowing you to search for a learner or group in basic and advanced modes. The Search fields in Advanced mode for users are:

    • Group
    • Email
    • User Name
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • City
    • State
    • Include Ineligible to Enroll

    The Search fields in Advanced mode for groups are:

    • Group Name
    • Org Code

    The Users and Groups pane refreshes to show the search results.

  6. To enroll a learner, click the name in the Users and Groups panel and click Add.

    The learner is enrolled in the session.

  7. To enroll a group, select all learners in the group:
    1. Click the first user name in the group to select it.
    2. Scroll to the last user name in the group, then press SHIFT and click the last user name. All names in the group highlight.
    3. Click Add. The learners are enrolled in the session.