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Entering Results

When the scheduled session is complete, you can enter results for enrolled learners.

An ILT Course is considered a Completion for a learner when both of the following conditions are met:

  • the learner's session record has a Passed value of Yes, AND
  • the session has been marked as Completed

A learner’s Actual Duration gets its value from the parent ILT Course record’s Duration value. The Actual Duration value is populated when the learner has completed an ILT Session for that ILT Course.

Note: The results can only be modified after the session is marked complete. A Learner's results appear in a Learner's My Report.

To enter results for a Learner in a session

  1. Click Content > ILT > Sessions I am Teaching.
  2. Click the Session ID you wish to view.

    The View Session window displays.

  3. Click the Roster tab.

    The list of learners enrolled in the session displays.

  4. Click the Enter Results button.

    The following screen displays.

    Enter Results screen

  5. Click the relevant check boxes and enter details for the following fields:
    • Attd (Attended)
    • Pass
    • Score
    • Notes
  6. Click Submit All to save the changes and enter the results. Reset clears all changes made.