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Delete a Session

You can delete a session if required. To be deleted, the session must have a status of Unconfirmed, Canceled, or Completed. The delete option is not available if the session has a status of Confirmed. To delete a confirmed session, you must cancel the session or mark the session as complete. Canceling the session will remove all learners from the roster, wait list and pending approval list and send a session cancelation notification to the learners.

Note: To enable the Delete button, you must select a session on the Session Manager grid.

Important: If you delete a session with a status of Unconfirmed before canceling the session, all learners will be removed from the roster, wait list and pending approval list, but they will not receive a notification that the session has been deleted. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you first cancel the session before deleting it. All learners will then receive a session cancellation notification.

To delete a session

  1. View Sessions.
  2. Click the session you wish to delete.

    The Delete button enables.

  3. Click Delete.
  4. When the confirmation message displays, click Yes.