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View Resources

You can create, modify, deactivate or delete a resource using the Resource Management page. The three resources available in ILT are:

  • Facilities: Available training locations, such as conference centers or corporate buildings.
  • Classrooms: Training rooms available within each facility.
  • Contacts: External companies or individuals that an Administrator may want to associate with a facility, course or session. For example, a session is having lunch catered and the Administrator wants to include the catering company contact on the session. The administrator would add the catering contact information to ILT and then assign that contact to the session.

To view resources

  1. Log in to Skillport as an Administrator and navigate to the Admin area.
  2. Click Content > ILT > Resource Manager. The Resource Management page displays.

    View Resources

    • Resources pane: Displays the list of available resources. Click the expand icon to display the required resource.

      Note: You must expand a facility in order to view the list of classrooms available within that facility.

    • Info pane: Displays information on the selected resource.