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Digital Books vs. Print Books

Pages are rendered differently in digital books. Because the size of a page on screen can vary greatly from a traditional book page, Skillsoft uses the term "Book section" to distinguish the sections of a chapter, instead of the traditional page number.

In the example below, the top-level is the Book title (Credibility: How Leaders Gain and Lose It, Why People Demand It).

Next, the Table of Contents displays, showing the Book chapters (Chapter 1 - Leadership in a Relationship). These are determined by the traditional format of the book in print format.

Finally, within the chapter are the Book sections - grouping of text as determined by the publisher (DOING WHAT WE SAY: THE CRITICAL DIFFERENCE). This helps the reader to hone in on areas of chapters that are most beneficial to his or her particular learning needs. Because these are learner-centric in nature, you can add these sections to a learner's MY PLAN.

Add a Book Section to MY PLAN

Note: Only Skillport Administrators can add Book sections to MY PLAN.