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Delete a Template

If your site has been configured to support custom user privileges, company administrators can be granted the Delete Email Template privilege that allows them to delete templates.

Deleting a template permanently removes it from the system. You can delete a template if it meets the following criteria:

  • It is a custom template. You cannot delete a system template.
  • It is not currently assigned to a Skillport event that triggers the delivery of emails.

If you delete a template for which emails have already been queued by the system for delivery to recipients, the queued emails are still sent. As an alternative to deleting a template, consider deactivating it.

To delete a template

  1. Click Configuration > Notification Management on the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Manage Templates tab.
  3. Find the custom template that you want to activate, select it, and click Delete.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the action.