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SkillPort Reporting versus Books24x7 Reporting

Following is a list of differences between reports generated in SkillPort and reports generated in Books24x7:

  • SkillPort reports do not include internal users. These reports are limited to users belonging to a single domain, whereas a Books24x7 report for a single subscription ID could span domains.
  • SkillPort reports are subject to user scoping. Anyone creating a report can only see users within his/her scope. See User and Admin Privileges for more information.
  • New reports only include Occupied Seats by default.  In order to be consistent with data returned in Books24x7 reports, the Seat Status filter in SkillPort reports must be set to ‘Any’.
  • SkillPort reports require that an asset is accessible to the user under the current subscription configuration in order for it to be included in the results. If an asset is deleted from a Books24x7 subscription before the database refresh, that asset and any related activity will be excluded from the SkillPort report results.

    For instance, if you run a Skillport report now for the date range March 1st-31st and compare it with a Books24x7 report generated on the 31st of March for the same date range, you may get inconsistent results if the subscription’s configuration has since changed.

  • Books24x7 detail reports include rows for users with only Books24x7 session activity, but no asset activity. SkillPort detail reports do not include such data, but the Subscription Summary report does include this data.
  • SkillPort reports display Session Minutes in the format HH:MM. Books24x7 reports display the number of minutes as an integer.
  • SkillPort detail reports do not count downloads by a user who did not also read pages from the Books24x7 asset; i.e. downloads are not counted as content activity events.