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SkillPort Mobile

SkillPort Mobile is an application specifically designed for your mobile devices. It includes a subset of SkillPort functionality and is designed for working with mobile content.

Note: To enable mobile course play, you must turn off pop-up blockers. For instructions, see Allow Pop-ups, or see your device's user instructions.

On SkillPort Mobile (on your tablet or smart phone):

  • You can search for, view, and launch mobile content. SkillPort Mobile tracks your progress, score, and completion status in the same manner as for non-mobile content played on your computer.
  • With the exception of ILT courses, you can search for and view non-mobile content, but you cannot launch it.
  • You cannot download mobile or non-mobile content to your mobile device.

On SkillPort (on your computer):

  • Learners and administrators work with mobile content just as with any other type of asset. However, unlike non-mobile content, mobile content cannot be downloaded using the SkillSoft Course Manager (SCM) for offline play on a computer.