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User Roles

A user's role determines his privileges to the various functions in the Skillport Administrator.

For details about specific privileges each role has within Skillport, see User Privileges by Role. For details about additional privileges you can assign to each role, see Custom User Privileges.

The following roles are available in Skillport:

  • Super Admin: This user has full access to the most advanced features and functions in the Skillport Administrator, such as the Content Installer that is used to install and manage content. Typically, superadministrators are also responsible for other technical tasks, such as managing the server and database settings for your Skillport site.

    Note: For information on how to access the documentation on features for Super Admins, contact your Skillsoft representative. These features are not covered in this online help.

  • Company Admin: This user has access to most features and functions in Skillport; this is your site-wide administrator.
  • Admin: This user has access to a subset of features and functions in the Skillport Administrator.
  • Manager: This user has even more limited access to the Skillport Administrator than an administrator.
  • End User: This user does not have access to the Skillport Administrator. A user with this role uses the site only to use the instructional content.

The following role is available if your organization uses Instructor Led Training (ILT):

  • Session Admin: This user has access to the Approval Manager, and can approve or deny ILT requests and waivers.