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inGenius Workflow

To get started with inGenius, follow this example workflow:

  1. Create an inGenius profile.

    Creating a profile isn't necessary in order to view the recommendations or comments of others, or to view the activity stream of the community. However, it allows you to actively participate, namely, to recommend and comment on assets and to follow other members.

    If you previously created an inGenius profile via Books24x7, you do not need to create a new one. That profile appears for you in SkillPort.

  2. Explore assets of interest to you:
    1. Browse the SkillPort Catalog or use SEARCH&LEARN to search for assets of interest. As you do so, note how many community members have previously recommended the assets, and read the comments (if any) about them left by other members. Comments appear at the bottom of an asset's summary page. You can also use SEARCH&LEARN to search for comments with specific words or phrases.
    2. If desired, recommend an asset or add a comment about an asset as well.
  3. Find community members of interest to you:
    1. Use SEARCH&LEARN to search for members in your community with specific words or phrases in their inGenius profiles.
    2. If desired, begin to follow members.
  4. Examine the recent activity in your community:
    1. View the inGenius Dashboard in the SkillPort shortcuts area on the left side of the home page. The Dashboard alerts you to the most recent activities.
    2. Click more at the bottom of the Dashboard to view the recent activity in more detail.