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Change the Email Template Used for an Email

At any time, you can change the email template that is used for sending emails when a specific event occurs. However, be aware that instances of the email based on the old template that have already been queued by the system for delivery to recipients are still sent.

To change the email template used for an email

  1. Click Configuration > Notification Management on the navigation bar.

    Manage Templates page showing the Manage Emails tab active

  2. Find the event for which you want to specify a different template.

    The description of the template currently assigned to an event often can provide additional, useful information that can help you understand the event. If necessary, to verify you have identified the desired event, you can click expand (Expand icon) beside the event to view the name and description of the currently-assigned template.

    Manage Emails tab showing a template's description

  3. Select the event (not the template).

    Manage Emails tab showing selected event

  4. Click Edit at the top of the tab.

    The Manage Emails page displays.

    Manage Emails page that shows the templates assigned per language to the given SkillPort event

  5. In the Associated Template Name column, double-click the template name to activate the drop-down list.
  6. In the drop-down list, select the template to assign to the event.

    Manage Emails page showing an admin assigning a custom template to an event

  7. Click Save.