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Understanding Extended Attributes

ILT courses and sessions have a default set of fields or “attributes”. ILT Extended Attributes allow you to customize courses and sessions to better fit the requirements of your organization. By going through this section, you can set up additional attributes for courses and sessions to include properties of your choosing, appropriate for your training program.

For example, if your organization assigns continuing education credits to ILT courses, you can add a single-select extended attribute called “CE Credits” that contains the credit choices available. When an ILT Admin creates a course, they will select the correct number of credits from the multi-select extended attribute field.

Note: Extended Attributes is an optional feature and may not be enabled on your system; to enable it, contact your Skillsoft representative.

Attributes can be of three types:

  • Enter a simple text value - presented as a text field in the edit form
  • Select a single value from a list of values - presented as a single select list (drop-down menu) in the edit form
  • Select multiple values from a list of values - presented as a list box in the edit form

Any number of attributes can be created and they will be available on all courses and sessions. Attribute fields can be designated as required or optional. New attributes are not applied to existing sessions until an existing session is edited, but they are applied to subsequently created sessions.