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View Attendance

To view attendance of Learners in a session

  1. Click Content > ILT > Course and Session Manager.
  2. Click the Session Manager tab.
  3. Click the Session ID you wish to view.

    The View Session window displays.

  4. Click the Roster tab.

    The list of learners enrolled in the session appears.

  5. Click Attendance Sheet.

    The attendance sheet opens in a new window. This sheet contains the following details:

    • Instructor: Name of the Instructor.
    • Session ID: ID of the session that the Learner has enrolled for.
    • Course ID: ID of the course which contains the session.
    • Title: Title of the session.
    • Facility: Facility which the session is conducted in.
    • Classroom: Classroom which the session is conducted in.
    • Start: Date and time that the session starts.
    • End: Date and time that the session ends.
    • Name: Name of the Learner.
    • User Name: User name of the Learner
    • Email: Email address of the Learner
    • Student Signature: Space for signature of the student.
  6. Click Print to print out the attendance sheet, or click Close to close the window.