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Course Summary Page

The Course Summary page displays all information on a particular ILT course.

To view the course summary

  1. Access ILT Courses.
  2. Click the course name to display the course summary page:

    Course Information

The Course Summary page displays the following details:

  • Session Schedule Session Schedule icon - Displays the Session Schedule page, with the schedule details belonging to that particular session. For more information see Session Schedule.

    Note: This icon is disabled if there are no sessions available for this course.

  • Add to My Plan Add to My Plan icon- Adds the course to MY PLAN.
  • Watchlist icons - Adds a course to My Watchlist,Add to Watch list icon, or removes a course from your watch list Remove from Watch List icon. For more information see Add or Remove a Course in the Watchlist.
  • Course ID - The unique ID of the course
  • Language - The language of the course content
  • Cost - The cost of the course
  • Overview/Description - The basic description of the course
  • Expected Duration - Duration of the course
  • Mastery Level - Skill level
  • Sessions - This section is collapsed as default. Clicking on this link will collapse/expand the section to display or hide the details of the sessions within the course:
    • Meeting schedule - Displays information on the course duration, enrollment capacity and session notes.
    • Session Details - Displays the Session ID, instructors assigned, status of the session, the session type (Online/Physical/Dialogue Live) and approval requirements by the session and/or manager.
    • Location - Displays information on the session and its facilities.