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Emails and Email Templates

Many events that occur as learners and managers use Skillport to manage online learning result in email notifications being sent by the system. For example, a learner can configure a My Plan assignment so that she is emailed a reminder notice before its due date. As another example, if a learning program is configured to require approval to enroll, the learner's manager can receive a reminder notice to approve or deny the request.

By default, most of the events that trigger email notifications are set up to use a "system" email template. The "system" email templates are provided with your Skillport site. You can view them in the Notification Management UI, but you cannot edit them. However, if desired, you can create custom templates and assign your custom templates to the events instead.

There are a handful of events that trigger emails that are not available in the Notification Management UI. You cannot customize these emails, but in some cases you can configure the system not to send them. For more information, see Non-Customizable Emails.