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Export a Learner Report

You can generate a report that contains the student results for a selected course. You can then save a Comma Separated Value (CSV) version of the report and open it in other programs such as a spreadsheet or database application.

Note: The Learner Report includes data for both active and deactivated users. There may be a difference in the number of users displayed in this report and on the Roster tab, which only displays active users.

Note: The Learner Report option on the Course Manager tab is only enabled if a course is selected in the grid.

To export a learner report

  1. View Courses.
  2. Click the Course ID you wish to use to generate the Learner report.
  3. Click Learner Report.
  4. In the File Download prompt, Open or Save the report.
  5. The following information can be obtained from the resulting .csv document that you download:
    • Session ID
    • Course ID
    • Course Name
    • Student Login
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Learner Status*
    • Email
    • Enrollment Date
    • Passed
    • Attended
    • Mastered
    • Instructor Login
    • Instructor Last Name
    • Instructor First Name
    • Facility ID
    • Facility Name
    • Classroom ID
    • Classroom Name
    • Phone
    • Alternate Phone
    • Passcode
    • URL
    • Start
    • Finish
    • Notes

*Note: Learner Status does not always indicate whether or not the learner has completed the session. This value is related to the status of the ILT session. For instance, if an administrator marks a session as completed, the Learner Status for any users enrolled in the session will be marked as Completed, even if the user did not complete the session. If the session is unconfirmed, the enrolled learner's status will be marked as Pending Session.