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Email Learners Enrolled in a Session

This enables you to email all enrolled and wait-listed learners. This option emails updates to learners whenever there is a change in the session status or to the schedule. Administrators can manually send messages to enrolled learners and instructors. Instructors can also manually send messages to learners on the roster, including wait-listed learners.

To email a learner

  1. View Sessions.
  2. Click on the session you require.
  3. Click Email. The email dialog box displays.
  4. Click the To and/or the Cc button to select specific users or groups from a list. Also you can add users to the Bcc list.

    Note: To add a Bcc, you can select users from the Session Enrolled List, Session Wait List, Course Wait List and Course Watch List. Do this by selecting the checkbox next to their names and click Submit.

  5. Click Send to send the mail.