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Detailed by ILT Course and Session

Displays detailed information about ILT courses and their individual sessions.

Note: When an ILT Administrator changes a session schedule after the session has been set to Completed, Skillport reporting does not reflect this change. Reports only reflect the data as recorded in the database at the time the session is marked as complete; additional changes do not render.

BCS Report Parameter: ilt_session_detail

Filter Controls


Custom Filters

Filter Date Range

ILT Course Status

ILT Session Status

User Status

User Profile

Display Options

Include Timestamps

Time Zone

Required Columns

Course Language

ILT Course Title

Manager Approval Required

Session Type

Default Columns


Course Administrator 1

Course Administrator 2

Course Administrator 3

ILT Course ID


Scheduled Course Duration

Session Capacity

Session End Date

Session Enrollment Status

Session Number

Session Start Date

Session Status




Optional Columns

Administrator Session Notes

Average Score

Extended Attribute Name

ILT Course Cost

ILT Course Currency

ILT Course Description

Instructor Can Manage Roster

Session Administrator 1

Session Administrator 2

Session Administrator 3

Session Approval Required

Session Approver

Session Classroom

Session Contact

Session Facility Name

Session Instructor

Time Zone