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Grant Waivers to Multiple Users

If multiple users have requested a waiver for the same asset, you can grant waivers to them using the

Grant waivers to multiple users

  1. In Skillport Admin, click Users & Groups > Enrollments and Waivers on the navigation bar.

    The Manage Enrollments and Waivers page displays.

  2. Click the asset for which you wish to grant waivers.
  3. Click Manage Waivers.

    The Grant Waivers page displays.

  4. Select all users for whom you want to grant the waivers, and click Grant Waiver.

    The Grant Waivers for Multiple Users dialog box displays.

  5. Select each asset you wish to waive for the selected users.
  6. Click Waive.

    The Waive Resource dialog box displays.

  7. Enter the reason for the waiver.
  8. Click OK. The Waive Resource dialog box closes, and the Grant Waivers to Multiple Users dialog box updates to reflect the granted waivers.

    Note: Waivers cannot be revoked once granted.

  9. Click Exit.