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Understanding Shared Templates

Personal Templates can be shared so that other users in your organization can use them to create schedules, preview reports, and save results. The following information explains important concepts about sharing templates.

Sharing a Template

  • Only personal templates can be shared.
  • Once shared, the template will display in both the Personal tab for the template owner, and the Shared tab for all users, according to the following rules:
    1. If the user is only a part of an advanced group, the user can see only those templates shared by template owners in the same advanced group as the user.
    2. If the user is only a part of a non-advanced group (be it assignment group or otherwise), the user can see the templates shared by template owners who are not in any advanced group (i.e the template owner should be present in at least 1 non-advanced group).
  • Shared templates are only visible by other users in the same domain.
  • A 'shared' icon Shared Template Icon appears next to the template in the Personal tab, and in the Shared tab. In the Shared tab, only templates belonging to the current user display the shared icon.
  • The Shared tab includes a column with the user name of the template owner.
  • An 'Owner' field with the template owner's user name will be added to the Template Properties panel in the Edit Template page, and to the Template Parameters table in the report output.
  • For template owners, all operations that are available in the Personal tab will also be available in the Shared tab.
  • If an administrator shares a template and their account is subsequently deactivated or deleted, the template will still appear in the Share tab for all users. Note that the owner name for a deleted account is changed from userID to _userID_###. Any user with administrator privileges can Preview, Edit or Schedule these Templates. A company administrator can also delete or unshare these templates.

See Share a Personal Template for more information.

Editing a Shared Template

  • Template owners, and Super and Company Administrators can view, edit, save and delete all shared templates from the Shared Template tab.
  • Only the template owner, and super or company administrators can modify a shared template, however other users can click the Save As button in the template edit window to create a copy of the template in their Personal tab.
  • When a Super or Company Administrators saves a modified template owned by a different user, a message will appear asking whether he/she wants to take over the ownership of that template.
    • If yes is selected, the template owner will be changed to the current user, and the template will appear on their Personal tab.
    • If no is selected, no changes will be saved to the template.
  • Once a shared template is saved as a personal template, any subsequent changes made to the shared template will not affect the personal template.

See Edit a Shared Template for more information.

Deleting and Unsharing a Shared Template

  • Shared templates can only be deleted, or unshared, by the template owner, super administrators, and company administrators.
  • When an owner deletes a shared template from either the Personal or Shared tab, a warning will appear asking the user for confirmation. Selecting yes will unshare, and delete, the template.
  • If an owner deletes a shared template which they have scheduled, a warning will appear that states the schedule will also be deleted, and asks the user for confirmation.
  • If an owner deletes, or unshares, a shared template that other users have scheduled, the other users receive a copy of the shared template in their Personal tab, and their schedules will be automatically reconfigured to utilize this template. Effectively, this means that other users’ schedules will be unaffected when a shared template is deleted, or unshared.
  • Dashboard charts based on a Shared Template will revert back to their Default Templates.

See Delete a Shared Template, or Unshare a Template for more information.

Disabling Shared Templates

Shared Templates can be enabled or disabled in the Skillport > Admin > Configurations > Report Configurations page. Disabling Shared Templates will remove all references to the feature from the User Interface, including the Shared Templates tab and the Share/Unshare buttons. If Shared Templates already exist and the functionality is subsequently disabled, the delete and unshare template rules explained above will apply. Only users with Super or Company Administrator privileges can enable/disable Shared Templates.