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Show Chart Parameters

In the My Dashboard window, you can view the parameters used to create the template for each of the charts displayed.

To view chart parameters

  1. From the My Dashboard window, click a chart to select it.
  2. Click Show Parameters. The Chart Parameters window appears.

    Show Chart Parameters

  3. Click OK to close the window.

The Chart Parameters window is a read only dialog that includes the following information:

  • Template Properties
    • Report Title - displays the title of the chart template.
    • Report Description - displays the description of the chart template.
    • Template Owner field may display if the chart template is shared.
  • Results
    • Generated on - displays the date and time the report was run.
    • Generated by - displays the user that ran the report.
  • Activity Dates
    • Report Date Range - displays the dates included in the results.
  • Filters
    • Displays the filters applied to the current chart template. Not all filters are included in all templates.
  • Latest ETL
    • Skillport - displays the most recent date and time that the data in the Skillport database was refreshed.
    • Books24x7 - displays the most recent date and time that the data in the Books24x7 database was refreshed.

      Note: It is Skillsoft’s commitment to ensure that customer reporting data is updated within 24 hours. In general, database refreshes (ETL’s) run several times a day.