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Multiple Language Support - ILT Emails

Multiple language support for Instructor Led Training (ILT) emails works as follows:

  • A course-related or session-related email is sent to all recipients in the language specified in the course's information if that language is one of the languages supported by the Skillport application. (All sessions inherit the language of the parent course.) For the list of languages supported by Skillport, see Language Support in the System Requirements.
  • If a course specifies a language that is not supported by Skillport, the email is sent to all recipients in the default language used by your Skillport site.
  • Users can override Skillport's default language by specifying a different language in the Default Site Language setting in his or her profile. However, unlike for non-ILT emails, this profile setting does not play a role in determining the language in which ILT emails are sent.
  • User-Initiated and Optional, Event-Driven Emails: Because these 2 types of emails are not sent automatically by the system, you have the option of adding a personal message in any language to the body of the email before you send it. For an introduction to these emails, see Types of ILT Emails.